Ingeniería Prodol

Nuestra planta. Nuestra empresa está organizada bajo el concepto de fábricas independientes y clientes internos.

Our Industrial Plant

Our company has been organized under the independent-factory concept.

Each sector works autonomously handling individual budget structures. Everything under the supervision and coordination of the Technical Department.

Planta - escobar, argentina

Our surface takes up a 40.000 square meter area, out of which our production plant uses 16.000 square meters. We employ 100 highly qualified workers; among them there are technicians and engineers versed in different specialties. We are permanently incorporating new technologies for the manufacturing of equipment.

In this way we have made a difference in organization, which allows us to be more efficient and faster to cater for the market demands. The industry has six clearly separated sectors.

sector 1

Cutting and punching

This sector handles all the components we manufacture for the machines, such as iron, stainless steel, aluminum, bronze and plastic.

We count with a warehouse of 25 by 140 meters and two seven-ton crane bridges (each).

We devote 1500 square meters of this sector to stock, we hold 1000 tons of raw material among which we have 700 tons of stainless Steel and iron sheets of different thickness, as well as 250 tons of profiling bars, tubes and all sorts of elements used to cater for a client’s urgent demand.

The rest of the warehouse the material processing sector. We count with 4 automatic CNC saw, a six meter guillotine capable of cutting ½ inch thick sheet, a 2 six-meter CNC cutting-edge folder, automatic CNC laser machine capable of processing an average of 7 tons a day. All this equipment is connected, thorough an internal network to the technical office from where computerized designs are transferred to the punchers directly, thus the latter being able to punch, cut, separate the designed sheets for further folding, if necessary.

We also count on a robot, Finn-Power SG-6, which we call our NIGHT TRAIN, and which is able to self-load the sheets to be punched and later separate the pieces that have been processed. We are able to meet high production peaks with high performance, flexibility and productivity, and all this, with almost minimun human intervention.

sector 2


In this sector we produce all the mechanized pieces in our plant. There is a 25 by 130 meters warehouse which two crane bridges of 7 tons each.

This sector is responsible for mechanizing and assembling the different components and dispositive. In order to do this, we count with 5 CNC lathe machines, one with a side turret, three CNC parallel lathe; two CNC machining center with 4 cutting-edge axis, 4 milling machines (universal, vertical and horizontal), 1 vertical ID milling machine, shaper machine, 2 endless-screw machines, 1 grinding machine, among other machines.

We have a wide range of tools, which together with our staff’s know-how, allows us to produce any kind of spare, in this way, achieving high standards of quality.

We also assemble precision gadgets..

Our official technicians verify and put together all equipment thus guaranteeing the accuracy of the process by certifying it with their own signature.

sector 3

Electrical department

This section takes up a surface of 1000 square meters, here we manufacture and assemble electric and electronic boards as well as the wiring of all the systems in our machinery.

The area is divided into three parts: Electronic, Electric and Installation.
Our main concern is innovation and permanent improvement, but it is in our laboratory that new technologies, that will be necessary in the near future, are begotten.

It is in this room that we verify and configure the equipment that will be installed in our systems and we offer on-line technical services, making it possible to solve any issues our clients may have, by means of a system known as remote desk.
Thanks to our work with PLC systems, touch screens, artificial view electronic systems, plus magnetic, inductive, responsive, ultrasound and encoding detection systems we handle a vast range of tools to find a quick solution to any automation issue that might arise.

The Electric Sector is responsible for assembling and verifying electric boards. Our experience in high and medium voltage and monophasic and 3x phase circuits, allow us to work in any kind of installation following any national or international norm, such as IRAM or American CSA or European CE.

sector 4


This sector is in charge of processing all the frame parts of the machines. We receive the raw material for mechanized cutting and punching together with the blue prints and specifications submitted by the technical office. It is here that we process the spare parts that need welding, stenciling, or machine plasma cutting and so on.

The nave is 18 by 135 meters; our staff is vastly experienced in black metal and stainless steel welding processes.

Our welders are first rate specialists who have been trained in heavy industry such as crude companies, thus guaranteeing the quality of work with different welding systems namely semiautomatic MIG, TIG or submerged arch.

Our technical know-how together with the plasma cutting and equipment among other tools, plus our two bridge cranes of 7 tons each, allow us invaluable capability and flexibility and excellent timing, when any kind of project small or big, is required.

sector 5

Shot blasting and painting

This sector is located in the boiler’s nave, it is 1000 square meters and it is responsible for the Surface protection of the pieces we manufacture. It has two main capacities.

Pickling and passivation of stainless steel parts
This is a process by which any piece made of stainless steel, that has been subject to aggressive treatment thus affecting its internal structure, is carefully washed using a high pressure pump, and then treated with an electro-acidic process that allows the pickling and passivation, thus restoring the stainless properties to the piece.

Ferrous pieces painting
The pieces are submitted to careful blasting which removes all the contamination from the surfaces such as rust, husks, or oils.

For this process the area has a 3 by 13 meters cabin where, under a controlled environment, a high resistant epoxy layer is applied, after which, two more layers of polyurethane, UV resistant color paint are applied on top.

All in all, the paint offers a 300hs salted fog protection, as well as an excellent protection for mechanic or weather factors.

sector 6

Pre assembling

This area holds two warehouses, one of 16 by 130 meters and the other 21 by 130 meters. Each one has two bridge cranes of 7 tons each, which allow us to pre-assemble all the equipment and lines for shipment, avoiding mistakes and delays in the installation.

The engineer in charge of the project is responsible for the team of workers and technicians during the assembling stage, testing the whole set of components and making sure of their proper functioning. All this ensures that the assembling time will be optimum and final adjustments in the final location, reduced to a minimum.

We are fully integrated in the manufacturing of our machinery, thus guaranteeing the best quality at the most competitive Price in the market.

Final assembling

We are proud of our human resource, made up of technicians, welders, electricians as well as engineers, all located in our different branches and in our head office in Escobar, Buenos Aires. It is there that we perform installations, maintenance and customer advice whenever and wherever our customers need it.
Our vast experience in heavy duty assembling allows us to face and solve any unexpected issue that might arise during the assembling process, therefore offering our customers tranquility.

Technical sector

PRODOL gathers a solid team of technicians and engineers with ample experience, all of them responsible for the whole design of specific equipment and the coordination of all other sectors.

Our commitment is excellence in all aspects of a project, either technological or commercial.

Our company makes use of the most modern computerized tools for 3D design, guaranteeing absolute precision in the manufacturing stage.